Ignore/Exclude Filter

This feature is used to filter the results by ignoring/removing fields as necessary from the result. This feature is used by simply adding '-' (minus symbol) in front of the fields that you want to ignore/remove from the result.

The filter is an optional parameter (query) that can be passed in the API request of Simple Search and Boolean Search. Once this filter is passed in the request parameter of Simple Search and Boolean Search, the response will not contain the fields details that is sent in the request parameter.

JSON request with Ignore/Exclude Filter parameter

"filter": {
    "-JobProfile": ["project manager"],
    "-Degree": ["MBA"]

JSON response for Ignore/Exclude Filter parameter

    "count": 10,
    "pageStart": 0,
    "pageSize": 10,
    "records": [
            "score": 100,
            "id": "1911210453421234",