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RChilli is the trusted partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data enrichment for global recruiting platforms.
RChilli resume parser is a scalable parsing solution for an amazing user experience. The resume parser extracts candidate data in 200+ data fields through REST API.
RChilli Job parser 3.1 is an intelligent software that extracts parameters from a Job Description and saves the information in the required attributes already defined.
RChilli Search & Match API allows you to search and match candidates and jobs with great relevancy and accuracy than simple database searching and matching algorithms.
RChilli Taxonomy 3.0 offers a comprehensive collection of skills and job profiles, along with their related information.
RChilli Resume Redactor API helps in masking resumes before sending them to the employer.
The components of RChilli application can be integrated with the Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle PeopleSoft, Salesforce, and SAP Application.
RChilli provides a dedicated portal for the partner's to manage their company details.
The RChilli provides Plugins, such as Resume Templater, Document Converter, NER Tagger, Contact Extractor, and GeoLocation that extend the capabilities of the RChilli products.
The resume parser output can be enriched by activating the other application workflows that are listed on the Enrichment Marketplace such as Lusha, BOLD, Toofr, Rchilli Redact, LLM Parser, etc.
This topic describes the transaction cost for using RChilli API and how to subscribe to a new plan or update an existing plan.
You can quickly get started with RChilli APIs using Postman.
Release notes comprise new features, improvements, and bug fixes for the following RChilli products.
The glossary includes terms and definitions in RChilli Knowledge Center.