Job Parser

RChilli Job parser 3.1 is an intelligent software that extracts parameters from a Job Description and saves the information in the required attributes already defined.

It processes job descriptions or vacancies in real-time. RChilli uses AI/ML trusted technologies to lexically parse a job description into the JSON output format.

With the implementation of Taxonomy 3.0 in Job parser, it is now fully compliant with search engines like solr or elastic search and enhances its search capabilities.

Job Parser Use Case

Follow the below use cases of the JD (Job description or Job) parser, for details refer JD Parser Use Case.
  • Parse job descriptions in multiple languages
  • Upload a job description and get the output in JSON format
  • Parse job descriptions from a single or multiple email inboxes
  • Parse multiple job descriptions in one go and get the structured data
  • Improve search results by indexing its taxonomy ontologies to Solr/Elasticsearch
  • Create a structured job post for the internal job posting
  • Extract all the job information from the job feeds

How JD Parser Helps

The JD parser helps users as follows:
  • Enhance candidate experience by showing clear job descriptions to candidates
  • Scale operations through a structured job data extracted from the job feeds
  • Enhance your search capabilities
  • Get job data from emails in a structured format in seconds