Resume Templater

Resume Templater API converts any type of resume into a specified template resume format.

The resume is first parsed using the Resume Parser API and then the parsed fields (JSON) are mapped with the fields in the selected template.
  1. You can use your own template where you can map the template fields with resume parser output fields.
  2. The API will return the resume content in the base 64 format of the selected template.
  3. Your two parsing API credits will be consumed, one for resume parser API and one for template creation.

The following six sample templates (with template key) are provided with Resume Templater plugin that can be selected in the API parameter:
Note: The following are the pre-ready templates that can be customized. It is recommended not to use column-wise resume format to avoid compatibility issues.

  1. Template Key: TM001 - TM001 Download
  2. Template Key: TM002 - TM002 Download
  3. Template Key: TM003 - TM003 Download
  4. Template Key: TM004 - TM004 Download
  5. Template Key: TM005 - TM005 Download
  6. Template Key: TM006 - TM006 Download