Get Sub User Ids List

This API returns list of all sub user ID's.


This API uses the below URL:

API Endpoint

The API uses the below endpoint:


API Method

This API method uses POST method.

API Request Type

The API uses JSON request type.

API Request Headers

Header Data Type Description
Content-Type string Indicates the input type of the incoming request body. The only supported value is application/json.

API Parameters

To execute this API, the following parameters in the JSON request are needed:
Name Type Description Remarks
indexType String Type of the file i.e Resume or JD Optional
indexKey String Use your user key as shared by RChilli team Required
pageSize Integer Number of records return in one API call:
  • Default 50
  • maximum 500

Contact to update the limit.

For more details, click Pagination.
pageStart Integer Start index of record to return. Can be used for paging when multiple record are searched. Default is 0. For more details, click Pagination Optional

JSON Request For Get Sub User Ids List

    "index": {
        "indexType": "Resume",
        "indexKey": "your user key"
    "pageStart": 0,
    "pageSize": 10

JSON Response For Get Sub User Ids List

    "SubUserId": [