The Analyze query is an extension of the Simple Search. It analyzes the search string and brings out all the search keywords separately for a more refined result of your query in a simple search.


The Analyze API uses the below URL:

API Endpoint

The Analyze API uses the below endpoint:


API Method

The Analyze API uses only POST method.

API Request Type

The Analyze API uses JSON request type.

API Request Headers

Header Data Type Description
Content-Type string Indicates the input type of the incoming request body. The only supported value is application/json.

API Parameters

To execute Analyze API, the following parameters in the JSON request are needed:
Name Type Description Remarks
indexType String Type of the file i.e Resume or JD Required
indexKey String Use your user key as shared by RChilli team Required
keyword String Text query contains entities like job profile, skill, location or organization, etc. Required

JSON Request For Analyze

    "index": {
        "indexType": "Resume",
        "indexKey": "Your user key"
    "query": {
        "keyword": "Project Manager with 15 year experince and have B.Tech from Pune worked Wipro having knowledge of Java"

JSON Response For Analyze

        "start": 0,
        "end": 15,
        "entity": "Project Manager",
        "type": "JobTitle",
        "weight": 36.84
        "start": 72,
        "end": 77,
        "entity": "Wipro",
        "type": "Organization",
        "weight": 15.79
        "start": 48,
        "end": 54,
        "entity": "",
        "type": "Degree",
        "weight": 15.79
        "start": 98,
        "end": 102,
        "entity": "Java",
        "type": "Skill",
        "weight": 7.89
        "start": 107,
        "end": 110,
        "entity": "Php",
        "type": "Skill",
        "weight": 7.89
        "start": 60,
        "end": 64,
        "entity": "Pune",
        "type": "City",
        "weight": 5.26
        "start": 20,
        "end": 29,
        "entity": " 15 Year ",
        "type": "ExperienceLevel",
        "weight": 10.53