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"DetailResume": "John Deo\n\nAddress\t\t\n2915 John R St. Apt 306\t\t\t  \t\t\t\
nDetroit, MI USA 48201\n\nPermanent Address\n180 N Jefferson St. Apt 2703\nChicago, IL USA 60661\t\n\t\t\nContact 
Information\t\t\nMobile : 1234567890\t  \t\t\nPhone : 200-600-3000\nFax : +1-212-9876000\t\t\nEmail :\
n\n\nLinkedIn ID\nUrl :\nFacebook ID\nUrl : \
nTwitter ID\nUrl : \n\t\t\n\t\t\n\nObjective\nMotivated Board-Certified Hospitalist seeking 
gainful employment\nwithin an outpatient adult medical practice. Experienced in working in diverse\nhealthcare 
settings. Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Dedicated to\nmaintaining quality medical practice
 standards.\n\nSkills\nGood communication skills are essential for interventional cardiologists. As their work is 
physically intricate, so must be their communication with other medical personnel as they perform complex cardiac 
procedures. These cardiologists must also explain the procedures to their patients in language they can understand. 
Pre- and post-catheterization care of patients involves communication skills being used by cardiologists for 
evaluations and explanations.\nMedicine and Dentistry - Knowledge of the information and techniques needed to 
diagnose and treat human injuries, diseases, and deformities. This includes symptoms, treatment alternatives, 
drug properties and interactions, and preventive health-care measures.\nScheduling patient appointments\nMaintaining 
medical records, and billing and coding information for insurance\nPreparing patients for examination\nHelping 
physicians with patient examinations\nTaking and recording vital signs, such as blood pressure\nDrawing blood\
nPreparing blood samples for laboratory tests\nGiving patients injections or medications as directed by a physician 
( in some states ) \n\nEducation and Training\n2005 - 2009 \t- St. George's University School of Medicine, 
New Haven, CT, USA\n\t  - St. George's School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA\n- Doctor of Medicine degree, 3.5 CGPA
\n\n1998 - 2002\t- Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA\n\t\t  \t- Bachelor of Science 3.97 CGPA \n\t  Molecular, 
Cellular and Developmental Biology\n\n1997 - 1998\t  - Secondary Education, Carnegie Vanguard High School, Houston, 
Texas, USA\n\t  \n\nHonors and Awards\nAssociated with Medical- Resident of the Year Award - NYU Department of 
Medicine 2013\nVolunteer Service Award - NYU Department of Medicine 2012\nIntern of the Year Award - NYU Department 
of Medicine 2011\n\nCertification\nOct 2016\t  - National Board Certification by NCCPA. Expire 2020\nJune 2017\
t  -Certified in Gerontology, DE County Community College, Expire 07/2025\n\nPublications\nPeer Reviewed Journal 
Articles : \nTiberio M Frisoli, Michele Voeltz. Structural Heart Disease Monograph in Clinical Updates in Women's
 HealthCare. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. \n\nGreenbaum AB, Frisoli TM. Editorial : Surgical 
vs Transcatheter Paravalvular Leak Repair. JACC : Interventions; Accepted, in press\n\nWork Experience\
n7/2016 - 12/2017 - Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI, USA - Cardiologist\nExamine patients and assess their 
condition.\nGive health advice to patients.\n\n2013 - 2016\t - Allegiance Health, Detroit, MI\nHospitalist, 
Clinical Decision Unit Physician\nMethodology, Clinical Research, Medical Research, Interpreting Medical Research
\n\n2003 - 2005 \t - Kaplan Inc. Hanover, NJ\nTutor, classroom teacher for MCAT and SAT preparatory courses\n\n2003 
- 2005\t - Estelle Finkel Associates, Livingston, NJ\nTutor, High School students for Advanced Placement science/
math exams\n\n2000-2003\t - Market Measures, Intern. Livingston, NJ\nCreated PowerPoint presentations for this 
market research and analysis firm\n\n1999 - 2000\t - Yale University, Tutor. New Haven, CT\nTutor for students in 
Italian language courses\n\nLanguages\nLanguages : Italian ( fluent ) \nSpanish ( proficient ) \nFrench ( proficient 
) \n\nHobbies\nTravel, Soccer/Tennis/Basketball, Opera, Cooking, Winemaking\n\nPersonal Data\nFull Name : John Deo\
nDate of Birth : March 13 , 1980\nMarital Status : Single\nGender : Female\nNationality : USA\nFather Name : 
Charlene Deo\nMother Name : Amanda Deo\nVisa : J1\nLicenses : USA Medical license\nPassport Details\nPassport 
Number : 31195884\nDate of Issue : 18 Sept. 2008\nExpiry Date : 5 June 2021\nPlace of Issue : United states of 
America\nPan No : ADPAR9789T\nSocial Security No : 17946232\nCurrent Location : Detroit, MI, USA\nPreferred Location 
: Chicago, IL, USA\nAvailability : 1 Month\nCurrent Salary : US $ 276800 per year\nExpected Salary : US $ 300000 per 
year\n\nReferences\nDean Dobbert, MD\nSupervising physician, Express Care; Dover, DE\\
n302-236-7313 \nBenjamin Levy, DO\nSupervising physician, Dover AFB; Dover, DE\\n612-508-9554 \
nTom Barnett, MD\nSupervising physician, Surgical Associates; Dover, DE\n302-674-0600",