You can filter Resume and JD search results by selecting further fields in the Facets.

The Filter is an optional parameter (query) that can be passed in the API request of Simple Search, Boolean Search, Free Text Search, Match, Match with ID, and Match with Multiple Sub-User Ids. Once Filter is passed in the request parameter of Simple Search and Boolean Search, it will return the filtered search details.

JSON request with Filter parameter

"filter": {
    "JobProfile": ["associate", "project manager"],
    "Degree": [""]
Note: The filter can be applied on the custom values that are indexed into search engine. See below JSON request.
"filter": {
        "customValue": {
            "CV_Shift": [
            "CVA_ExtraActivities.Sports": [
Note: CV_ is the prefix for string type custom fields, and CVA_ is the prefix for the array type custom fields. Default is CV_.

JSON response for Filter parameter

    "count": 10,
    "pageStart": 0,
    "pageSize": 10,
    "records": [
            "score": 100,
            "id": "1911210453421234", 


Filter Results in My Account

The following steps describe on how to view Filter Results in the My Account.
  1. Enter your Email and Password to log in to your RChilli My Account client portal or use Office 365 or Google to log in as necessary. You must sign up if you do not have registered account.
    Note: Contact for My Account portal access, subscription plans, pricing, and for any further support.

  2. Click RChilli API to log in into RChilli My Account portal.

  3. On the Integration (Demo) tab, click Search and Match 3.0 on the navigation panel, and select Resume Search or JD Search from the drop-down.

  4. Enter keyword in the Search field and click Search.

  5. See the Facets result for the Resume Search such as Current Job Profile, Current Employer, Degree, Institute, etc. Expand the Facets further to see the filter results such as Java developer, Full Stack Developer, etc.

  6. See the Facets result for the JD Search, such as Job Profile, Company, Degree, Skills, etc. Expand the Facets further to see the filter results such as Java developer, Java Full Stack Developer, etc.