Auto Complete - Skill Taxonomy

Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API allows to get list of Skills based on the search keyword.


The Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API uses the below URL:

API Endpoint

The Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API uses the below endpoint:


API Method

The Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API uses only POST method.

API Request Type

The Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API uses JSON request type.

API Request Headers

Header Data Type Description
Content-Type string Indicates the input type of the incoming request body. The only supported value is application/json.

API Request Parameters

The Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API requires the following parameters in the JSON request format:

Name Type Description Remarks
ApiKey String Use your user key as shared by RChilli team Required
version String Version of the taxonomy, i.e. 3.0 Required
Language String The language code of the input request. Required
Locale String Location of the user Required
CustomValues String Add any details for your reference Required
Keyword String Skill keyword, for example "Java", or "PHP", or "Java and PHP" to find the Auto Complete skill taxonomy.
Note: If more than one keyword is passed then the first keyword is only used for the taxonomy output.

JSON Request For Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API

	"ApiKey" : "Use Your API Key",
	"Version" : "3.0",
	"Language" : "en",
	"Locale" : "US",
	"CustomValues" : "Your Custom Values",
	"Keyword" : "java"

API Response Parameters

The Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API response parameters are as follows:

Name Type Description
CustomValues String The custom value passed in the API request
SkillAutoComplete Array Skills that are returned based on the keyword passed in the API request.

JSON Response For Auto Complete Skill Taxonomy API

    "CustomValues": "text",
    "SkillAutoComplete": [
        "Java 2D",
        "Java 3D",
        "Java Advanced Imaging",
        "Java Agent Development Framework",
        "Java API",
        "Java API for RESTful Web Services",
        "Java API for XML Processing",
        "Java API for XML Registries",
        "Java API for XML Web Services",
        "Java Apis For Integrated Networks",
        "Java Application Programming Interface",
        "Java Architecture for XML Binding",
        "Java Astrodynamics Toolkit",
        "Java Authentication and Authorization Service",
        "Java Business Integration",
        "Java Call Control",
        "Java Card OpenPlatform",
        "Java Card Runtime Environment",
        "Java Collections Framework",
        "Java Composite Application Platform Suite",
        "Java Concurrency",
        "Java Data Objects",
        "Java Database Connectivity",
        "Java DB",
        "Java Development Kit",
        "Java Dynamic Management Kit",
        "Java Ecommerce",
        "Java EE Server",
        "Java Foundation Classes",
        "Java Framework",
        "Java Management Extensions",
        "Java Message Service",
        "Java Module",
        "Java Naming and Directory Interface",
        "Java Native Access",
        "Java Native Interface",
        "Java Network Launch Protocol",
        "Java Opengl",
        "Java Performance",
        "Java Persistence API",
        "Java Persistence Query Language",
        "Java Platform Enterprise Edition",
        "Java Platform Micro Edition",
        "Java Platform Standard Edition",
        "Java Remote Method Invocation",
        "Java Reporting Tool",
        "Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit",
        "Java Runtime Environment",
        "Java SE Embedded",
        "Java Secure Socket Extension",
        "Java Secure Sockets Extension",
        "Java Security",
        "Java Service Logic Execution Environment",
        "Java Servlet Development Kit",
        "Java Shell",
        "Java Socket Programming",
        "Java Speech API",
        "Java Speech Markup Language",
        "Java Swing",
        "Java Telephony API",
        "Java Transaction API",
        "Java Transaction Service",
        "Java View Technologies and Frameworks",
        "Java Virtual Machine",
        "Java Web Application",
        "Java Web Services Development Pack",
        "Java Web Start",
        "JavaFX Script",
        "JavaScript Animation",
        "JavaScript Framework",
        "JavaScript library",
        "JavaScript Object Model",
        "JavaScript Object Notation",
        "Javascript Shell",
        "JavaScript Testing Framework",
        "JavaScript Unit Testing",
        "JavaServer Faces",
        "JavaServer Pages",
        "JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library",
        "JavaTest Harness",
        "Java 1",
        "Java 1.2",
        "Java 1.4",
        "Java 1.5",
        "Java 10",
        "Java 11",
        "Java 2",
        "Java 2 Advanced Programming",
        "Java 2 Enterprise Architecture",
        "java 2 enterprise edition",
        "Java 2 Micro Edition",
        "Java 2 Platform",
        "java 2 platform enterprise edition",
        "Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition",
        "Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition",
        "Java 2 Programming",
        "java 2 standard edition",
        "java 2 standard edition 1.4",
        "java 2.0",
        "Java 3",
        "Java 3D  language",
        "Java 3D Api",
        "Java 3D Programming",
        "Java 4",
        "Java 5",
        "java 5.0",
        "Java 6",
        "Java 7",
        "Java 8",
        "Java 8 Programming",
        "Java 9",
        "JAVA Abstract Window Toolkit",
        "Java Agent Development-Framework",
        "Java Apache",
        "Java Api For Json P",
        "Java Api For Json Processing",
        "Java Api For Json-P",
        "Java API for XML-based RPC",
        "java api framework",
        "java api frameworks",
        "Java Apis For Integrated Network",
        "Java Apis For Integrated Networks-Jain",
        "Java Apis For Intelligent Networks",
        "Java Apis For Intelligent Networks-Jain",
        "java applet",
        "Java Applets",
        "java application",
        "Java Application Environment",
        "Java Application Server",
        "Java Application Servers",
        "Java Application-Programming Interface",
        "java ascii versatile editor",
        "Java Astrodynamics Toolkit soft",
        "Java Astrodynamics Toolkit Software",
        "java authentication",
        "Java Authentication Service",
        "Java AWT",
        "Java Basic Programming",
        "Java Beans",
        "java beans activation framework",
        "Java Business Process",
        "Java Business Process Management",
        "Java Business Process Model",
        "Java Business Service",
        "Java Business Services",
        "Java Business-Integration",
        "Java CAPS",
        "Java Card",
        "Java Card 2.0",
        "Java Card 3.0",
        "Java Card Run time Environment",
        "Java Card Technology",
        "Java Card-Runtime Environment",
        "Java Coding",
        "Java Collections-Framework",
        "Java Compiler Compiler",
        "java connector architecture",
        "Java Data base Connectivity",
        "Java Data Object",
        "Java Database Connectivity 4.3",
        "java db Connectivity",
        "Java DB Server",
        "Java Decompiler",
        "Java Dev Language",
        "Java Develop",
        "Java Development",
        "Java Development Kit Soft.",
        "Java Development Kit Software",
        "Java Development Lang.",
        "Java Development Language",
        "Java Dynamic Management-Kit",
        "Java Eclipse",
        "Java ecommerce platform",
        "Java Ecommerce Platforms",
        "java ee",
        "Java EE application server",
        "Java EE Connector Architecture",
        "Java Ee Framework",
        "Java Ee Frameworks",
        "Java EE web application",
        "Java Embedded",
        "Java Enterprise Architecture",
        "java enterprise edition",
        "Java Foundation-Classes",
        "Java Frame Work",
        "Java Frame Works",
        "Java Framework Development",
        "Java Frameworks",
        "Java Fx",
        "Java Fx Script",
        "Java JAX-WS",
        "Java JDK",
        "Java JDK 1.1",
        "Java JDK 1.4",
        "Java Json Processing API",
        "Java JVM",
        "Java Mail",
        "Java Management-Extensions",
        "Java ME",
        "Java Me Embedded",
        "Java Message Services",
        "Java Messaging Services",
        "java micro edition",
        "Java Mission Control",
        "Java Multithreading",
        "Java Open Application Server",
        "Java Operating system",
        "Java Platform",
        "Java Platform Language",
        "Java Platform Micro-Edition",
        "Java Platform, Micro Edition",
        "Java Platform, Standard Edition",
        "Java profiler",
        "Java programming",
        "Java Programming Language",
        "Java Reporting Software",
        "Java Runtime Analysis-Toolkit",
        "java script",
        "Java Script Frameworks",
        "Java Script Programming",
        "Java Script Programming Language",
        "Java Script Shell",
        "Java Scripting",
        "Java Scripting Framework",
        "java se",
        "Java SE 10",
        "Java SE 11",
        "Java SE 12",
        "Java SE 13",
        "Java SE 14",
        "Java SE 15",
        "Java SE 16",
        "Java SE 17",
        "Java SE 18",
        "Java SE 19",
        "Java SE 20",
        "Java SE 21",
        "java se 6",
        "java se 7",
        "Java Se 7 Programming",
        "java se 8",
        "Java Se 8 Programming",
        "Java SE 9",
        "Java SE Security",
        "Java Secure Socket-Extension",
        "Java security technology",
        "java server faces",
        "java server pages",
        "Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library",
        "Java Service Logic Execution Environment-Jslee",
        "java servlet",
        "Java Servlet Programming",
        "java servlets",
        "Java Servlets Programming",
        "Java Socket-Programming",
        "Java Spaces",
        "Java Standard Edition",
        "Java Swing GUI",
        "Java Tech.",
        "java technologies",
        "Java Technology",
        "Java Telephony-API",
        "Java Test Harness",
        "Java Transaction Services",
        "Java two-dimensional",
        "Java View-Technologies and Frameworks",
        "Java VM",
        "java web applications",
        "Java web development",
        "Java Web Programming",
        "Java Web Services Development-Pack",
        "Java Web Start framework",
        "Java Web Start Soft",
        "Java Web Start Software",
        "java web start technology",
        "Java Web-Application",
        "Java Wsdp",
        "Java-Advanced Imaging",
        "Java-Database Connectivity",
        "Java-Runtime Environment",
        "Java-Secure Sockets Extension",
        "Java-Servlet Development Kit",
        "Java-Speech API",
        "Java-Transaction API",
        "Java3D 1.7.0",
        "Java3D v 1.7.0",
        "JavaBeans Activation Framework",
        "javacard operating system",
        "Javadoc software",
        "Javadoc tool",
        "Javafx Frameworks",
        "JavaFX Script Lang.",
        "JavaFX Script Language",
        "JavaFX Script Programming lang.",
        "JavaFX Script Programming language",
        "JavaFX Soft.",
        "JavaFX Software",
        "JavaHelp software",
        "javalin framework",
        "JavaMail API",
        "JavaOS Operating System",
        "JavaPoly library",
        "JavaScript 1.0",
        "JavaScript 1.1",
        "JavaScript 1.2",
        "javascript 1.3",
        "javascript animation frameworks",
        "Javascript Asynchronous",
        "javascript charting",
        "javascript charting framework",
        "Javascript Coding",
        "Javascript ES6",
        "JavaScript Frame Work",
        "Javascript Frame Works",
        "JavaScript Frameworks",
        "JavaScript lang.",
        "JavaScript language",
        "javascript libraries",
        "JavaScript MVC",
        "Javascript Oracle",
        "Javascript Oracle 10G",
        "JavaScript Programming",
        "JavaScript programming language",
        "Javascript Scripting",
        "Javascript Scripting Framework",
        "Javascript Scripting Language",
        "javascript testing",
        "javascript testing frameworks",
        "Javascript Testing Tools",
        "Javascript Toolkit",
        "Javascript Unit Testing Framework",
        "Javascript Unit Testing Frameworks",
        "Javascript Web Frameworks",
        "javascriptcore soft",
        "javascriptcore software",
        "Javascriptmvc Framework",
        "JavaServer Pages Standard-Tag-Library",
        "JavaSpaces soft",
        "JavaSpaces software",
        "JavaSpaces tool",
        "Javassist library",