Auto Complete - Job Profile

Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API allows to get list of job profiles based on the search keyword.


The Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API uses the below URL:

API Endpoint

The Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API uses the below endpoint:


API Method

The Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API uses only POST method.

API Request Type

The JAuto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API uses JSON request type.

API Request Headers

Header Data Type Description
Content-Type string Indicates the input type of the incoming request body. The only supported value is application/json.

API Request Parameters

The Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API requires the following parameters in the JSON request format:

Name Type Description Remarks
ApiKey String Use your user key as shared by RChilli team Required
version String Version of the taxonomy, i.e. 3.0 Required
Language String The language code of the input request. Required
Locale String Location of the user Required
CustomValues String Add any details for your reference Required
Keyword String Job profile keyword, for example "Java Developer", or "PHP Developer", or "Java Developer and PHP Developer" to find the job profile taxonomy,
Note: If more than one keyword is passed then the first keyword is only used for the taxonomy output.

JSON Request For Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API

	"ApiKey" : "Use Your API Key",
	"Version" : "3.0",
	"Language" : "en",
	"Locale" : "US",
	"CustomValues" : "Your Custom Values",
	"Keyword" : "java"

API Response Parameters

The Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API response parameters are as follows:

Name Type Description
JobProfileAutoComplete Array Job profiles that are returned based on the keyword passed in the API request

JSON Response For Auto Complete Job Profile Taxonomy API

    "JobProfileAutoComplete": [
        "Java Architect",
        "Java Backend Developer",
        "Java Cloud Developer",
        "Java Consultant",
        "Java Developer",
        "Java Developer Intern",
        "Java Development Manager",
        "Java Front Office Developer",
        "Java Fx Developer",
        "Java Integration Architect",
        "Java Mentor",
        "Java Microservices Developer",
        "Java Microservices Lead",
        "Java Middleware Developer",
        "Java Module Lead",
        "Java Performance Engineer",
        "Java Programmer Analyst",
        "Java Programmer Trainee",
        "Java Reporting Developer",
        "Java Security Engineer",
        "Java Software Integration Developer",
        "Java Software Intern",
        "Java Support Engineer",
        "Java Swing Developer",
        "Java Systems Analyst",
        "Java Technical Lead",
        "Java Trainer",
        "Java UI Developer",
        "Java Web Services Developer",
        "JavaScript Developer",
        "JavaServer Faces Developer",
        "JavaServer Pages Developer",
        "Java - Full Stack Developer",
        "Java - Web Developer",
        "Java / Jee Agile Consultant",
        "Java / Jee Programmer Analyst",
        "Java / UI Engineer",
        "Java And Web Developer",
        "Java And Web Full Stack Developer",
        "Java And Web Full- Stack Developer",
        "Java Angular Full Stack Developer",
        "Java Angular Programmer",
        "java angular web developer",
        "Java Application Developer",
        "Java Apps Developer",
        "Java Archiect",
        "Java Architect - Fullstack",
        "Java Aws Developer",
        "Java Aws Software Developer",
        "Java Back-End Developer",
        "Java Backend Engineer",
        "Java Backend Programmer",
        "Java Cloud Programmer",
        "Java Coach",
        "Java Consultant",
        "Java Deployment Integration Architect",
        "Java Developement Freelancer",
        "Java Developer - Front Office",
        "Java Developer - Middleware",
        "Java Developer Analyst",
        "Java Developer AWS",
        "Java Developer Consultant",
        "Java Developer J2Ee",
        "Java Developer Jr",
        "Java Developer, Front Office",
        "Java Developer-AWS",
        "Java Developer-UI",
        "Java Developer-User interface",
        "Java Development Analyst",
        "Java Development Consultant",
        "java development engineer",
        "Java Development Executive",
        "Java Development Intern",
        "Java Development Lead",
        "Java Development Mgr",
        "Java Development Support Engineer",
        "Java Development Support Engr",
        "Java EE Developer",
        "Java Engineer",
        "Java Engineer - UI",
        "Java Engineer Consultant",
        "java engineer intern",
        "Java Enterprise Architect",
        "Java Enterprise Edition Developer",
        "Java Expert",
        "Java Front Office Programmer",
        "Java Front-Office Developer",
        "Java Full -Stack Developer",
        "Java Full Stack -Developer",
        "Java Full Stack Architect",
        "Java Full Stack Developer",
        "Java Full Stack Lead",
        "Java Full- Stack -Developer",
        "Java Full-Stack Developer",
        "Java Fullstack Developer",
        "Java Fundamentals Instructor",
        "Java Fx Programmer",
        "Java Instructor",
        "Java Integration Developer",
        "Java Interface Lead",
        "Java Intern",
        "Java J2Ee Developer",
        "Java J2Ee Engineer",
        "Java Jee Developer",
        "Java Jr. Developer",
        "Java JSF Developer",
        "Java JSP Developer",
        "Java Junior Developer",
        "Java Lead Architect",
        "Java Lead Developer",
        "Java Lead Engineer",
        "Java Lecturer",
        "Java Micro Services Developer",
        "Java Micro Services Lead",
        "Java Microservice Developer",
        "Java Microservices Leader",
        "Java Microservices Programmer",
        "Java Microservices Team Lead",
        "Java Microservices Team Leader",
        "Java Middle Ware Developer",
        "Java Middle-Ware Developer",
        "Java Middleware Programmer",
        "Java Module Lead Developer",
        "Java Module Leader",
        "Java Module Team Lead",
        "Java Module Team Leader",
        "Java Performance Engineer Expert",
        "Java Professional",
        "Java Program Lead",
        "Java Programmer",
        "Java Programmer Analyst",
        "Java Programmer Intern",
        "Java Programmer Jr",
        "Java Programming Trainee",
        "Java Project Intern",
        "Java Reporting Programmer",
        "Java Reporting Specialist",
        "Java S/W Integration Developer",
        "Java Script Intern",
        "Java Script Programmer",
        "Java Security Engineer Expert",
        "Java Senior Developer",
        "Java Senior Engineer",
        "Java Senior Programmer",
        "Java Server Faces Developer",
        "Java Server Pages Developer",
        "Java software architect",
        "java software consultant",
        "Java Software Developer",
        "Java Software Engineering Intern",
        "Java Software Integration Engineer",
        "Java Software Integration Programmer",
        "Java Software-Integration Developer",
        "Java Sql Intern",
        "Java Sql Trainee",
        "Java Support Engr",
        "Java Support Lead",
        "Java Support Leader",
        "Java Swing Programmer",
        "Java System Analyst",
        "Java Systems Developer",
        "Java Teacher",
        "Java Team Lead",
        "Java Team Leader",
        "Java Technical Analyst",
        "Java Technical Architect",
        "Java Technical Leader",
        "Java Technical Team Lead",
        "Java Technical Team Leader",
        "Java Test Developer",
        "Java UI Programmer",
        "Java User interface Developer",
        "Java User-interface Developer",
        "Java Web Application Developer",
        "Java Web Consultant",
        "Java Web Course Teacher",
        "Java Web Developer",
        "Java Web Developer Intern",
        "Java Web Development Intern",
        "Java Web Programmer",
        "Java Web Service Developer",
        "Java Web Services Engineer",
        "Java Web Services Programmer",
        "Java Web-Services Developer",
        "Java Weblogic Developer",
        "Java – Jee Developer",
        "Java-Aws Developer",
        "Java-Backend Developer",
        "Java-Development Intern",
        "Java-Full Stack Developer",
        "Java-FX Developer",
        "Java-Server Faces Developer",
        "Java-Server Pages Developer",
        "Java-Swing Developer",
        "Java-Web Services Engineer",
        "Java/Swing Developer",
        "Javafull Stack Developer",
        "Javafull- Stack Developer",
        "JavaFx Developer",
        "Javafx Software Developer",
        "Javascript Angular Developer",
        "JavaScript Backend Developer",
        "Javascript Consultant",
        "Javascript Developer Intern",
        "JavaScript Developer Sr",
        "JavaScript Developer-Senior",
        "JavaScript Engineer",
        "Javascript Expert",
        "JavaScript fullstack Developer",
        "Javascript Intern",
        "JavaScript Jr Developer",
        "JavaScript Junior Developer",
        "Javascript Mentor",
        "JavaScript Programmer",
        "JavaScript Software Engineer",
        "JavaScript softwareengineer",
        "JavaScript web Developer",
        "Javascript Web Support Engineer",
        "JavaServer Faces (JSF) Application Developer",
        "JavaServer Faces (JSF) Developer",
        "JavaServer Faces Application Developer",
        "JavaServer Faces Programmer",
        "JavaServer Pages (JSP) Application Developer",
        "JavaServer Pages Application Developer",
        "JavaServer Pages Programmer"
    "CustomValues": "java developer"