Match One To Many

This feature is used to match the resume/JD with the multiple resumes/JD's.

You can do the matching using this feature as follows:
  • Match resume with the resumes
  • Match resume with the JD's
  • Match JD with the JD's
  • Match JD with the resume's

Match One To Many uses the One To One Match endpoint. The One To One Match endpoints is called multiple times as necessary to execute this feature.

Match One To Many in My Account

The following steps describe how the Match One To Many feature works in the My Account.
  1. Enter your Email and Password to log in to your RChilli My Account client portal or use Office 365 or Google to log in as necessary. You must sign up if you do not have registered account.
    Note: Contact for My Account portal access, subscription plans, pricing, and for any further support.

  2. Click RChilli API to log in into RChilli My Account portal.

  3. On the Integration (Demo) tab, click Search and Match 3.0 on the navigation panel and select Match One To Many from the drop-down.

  4. On the Match Resume to JD/JD to Resume section, select Resume or JD for the Change File Type drop-down. Drag and drop the resume's or JD's as necessary for matching and click Match Documents. You can do the following matches:
    • Resume to JD
    • JD to resume
    • Resume to Resume
    • JD to JD

  5. Once you click Match Documents above, a detailed matched report is displayed. If a resume/JD is matched with any of the uploaded resume's/JD's, you will see Matched Score and detailed matched result. If there is no match, then a not matching message will be displayed.