Parse Resume in My Account

This topic explains the procedure on how to parse resume in RChilli My Account.

Follow the below procedure to parse a resume in RChilli My account.
  1. Enter your Email and Password to log in to the RChilli My Account partner portal. You can also Sign Up to register a new account or log in using Office 365 or Google accounts as necessary.
    Note: Contact for My Account portal access, subscription plans, pricing, and for any further support.

  2. On the Integration (Demo) tab, click Show Advance Inputs tab and expand.

  3. Do a check and make sure that the Service URL, User Key, Version, and SubUser ID details are entered and valid. For more details on API keys, refer How to get user key.

  4. On the Upload a Resume box, Drag and drop a resume file, or click to browse a file and click Parse Resume.

  5. RChilli resume parser extracts the resume information in 140+ data fields, and show result in tabular format and JSON format. The following are the tabs in the resume parser output:
    • Resume parser request parameters in the JSON format: Click Request JSON to see the resume parser request parameters in the JSON format.

    • Resume parser output in the tabular format: Click Parsed Results to see the parsed output in the tabular format containing fields as Overview, Analytics, Experience, Qualification, Skills, and Others.

    • Resume parser response in the JSON format: Click Response JSON to see the resume parser response in the JSON format.
      Note: Click Download symbol to download the JSON output.