It is the step-by-step classification of skills/job profiles.

Ontology helps users on following:
  • Set a benchmark for storing resumes/jobs
  • Easily find resumes related to a particular domain

How to view skills/jobs Ontology in My Account

Follow the below steps to view skills/jobs Ontology in the My Account.
  1. Enter your Email and Password to log in to the RChilli My Account partner portal. You can also Sign Up to register a new account or log in using Office 365 or Google accounts as necessary.
    Note: Contact support@rchilli.com for My Account portal access, subscription plans, pricing, and for any further support.

  2. On the Integration (Demo) tab, click Taxonomy 3.0 on the navigation panel, and select Resume Parser or JD Parser.

  3. On the Skill tab, enter skill, for example Java, in the search box and click Get Details.

  4. Click Ontology on the output table to view the Java skill ontology details.

  5. For the job profile ontology, select Job Profile tab, enter any job profile, for example Java Developer, in the search bar, and click Get Details to view the job profile ontology in the output table.