JD Parser Error Code

This topic lists the error codes of JD parser.

Error Code

Table 1. JD Parser Error Code
Error Code Error Message
1001 User key is required
1002 Subuser id is required
1003 Invalid userkey
1004 File name with file extension is required
1005 Key expired
1006 You have used your quota of JD parsing
1008 File base64 data is required
1009 JD File Extension not supported
1010 Base64 text data is required
1011 Version Required
1012 Invalid Version
1013 This Version does not support your Agreement
1014 Corrupted data/ No Content Found
1015 Unable to parse the content
1018 File size is too large for processing
1019 Unable to detect language
1020 Unable to open PDF Parser
1021 File conversion error
1044 Too Many Request
1051 Invalid Token
1054 Invalid Access Token
1053 Please generate new access token. This token is expired before {time in second}

Error Schema

The error schema you see below is for error code 1001, and it will look the same for all other errors related to the JD parser.
    "error": {
        "errorcode": "1001",
        "errormessage": "User Key is required."