Dates Customization

Follow the customization steps to capture the dates in the Oracle PeopleSoft system.

About This Task

When a resume is uploaded in the Oracle PeopleSoft application, the RChilli resume parser fetches the dates from the resume, but customization is needed in the PeopleSoft application to store the value of the date in the Date Acquired field (see below step-7). If you do not apply customizations steps, the system will store null value or current dates (see below step-7) in the PeopleSoft database.
Note: This dates customization is chargeable, to know more details on pricing and payment options, contact
  1. Log in to Oracle’s Peoplesoft application, and in the right top corner, navigate to the NavBar > Navigator > Recruiting > Administration > Load Resume.

  2. On the Load Resume page, click Search and open any uploaded resume in the system.

  3. Click Success on the Resumes table.

  4. On the Select Resume page, click on the candidate name under the Name column.

  5. On the Manage Applicant page, click Manage Application icon under the Application column.

  6. On the Manage Applicant page, search for the table/details that contain dates values such as Degrees, School Education, Experience, etc. In the below example, click on a degree on the Degrees table.

  7. Degree details will be displayed on the applicant's degree page. In the below example, the value for the Date Acquired field is null.
    Note: Resume parser parse the value of the dates from the resume, but to get the dates value stored in the PeopleSoft database, make the customization mentioned in the below section.

Import the project file

  1. Download the RCHILLI_DEG_FIX_2021_21 file and log in to your Application Designer.

  2. On the Application Designer, go to Tools > Copy Project > From File.

  3. Select the RCHILLI_DEG_FIX_2021_21 that you downloaded in step-1 and click Select.

  4. On the Copy From File pop-up, check the checkbox for Compile PeopleCode after Import and click Copy.

  5. Once the fix package is successfully imported, you can view it in the application designer.


This section describes how to verify if the fix has been implemented successfully.

  1. Once you uploaded the RCHILLI_DEG_FIX_2021_21 in the application designer in step-5, select the file RCHILLI_DEG_FIX and click Upgrade.

  2. Click on the Application Package PeopleCode; it will reflect the package (objects) that are successfully added to the database.

  3. To verify if the customization is implemented successfully, click on both the objects that you added in the above step; you must find the RChilli Customization Start and RChilli Customization End details.


Once you successfully implemented the RChilli fix as mentioned in the above section, then the Date Acquired field (see step-7 in the About This Task section) in the Oracle PeopleSoft system will capture the date value from the candidate resume.