RChilli JD 3.1 Overview

Last updated: April 01, 2021


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What’s New:

RRChilli’s JD parser facilitates easy parsing of job descriptions/order by filtering information into the fields. In this version, we have implemented Taxonomy 3.0, which is also implemented in our resume parser. It will help to compare the output of both the parsers. Also, we have started multilingual support in JD parsing.


New Fields: (highlighted)

  • JD Parsed Data:

a) File Name

b) Parsed Data

  • JD Language:

a) Language

b) LanguageCode

  • Job Profile:

a) Title

b) Alias: (alias/synonym name of job profile)

c) FormattedName: (FormattedName name of job profile)

d) Related Skills: (Related skills of job profile)

e) Ontology : (Ontology of job profile)

  • Job Location:

a) Location:(name of location given in Job description)

b) City: (name of the city of the location)

c) State: (name of the state of the location)

d) Country: (name of the country of the location)

e) ISO Country Code

f) Zip Code.

  • Job Code:(any job code or job ID as written in JD)

  • Job Type: (regular or part-time)

  • Organization

  • Staffing Agency: (agency hired for an organization for the recruitment)

  • About Organization

  • Is it a Management job? (value: True/False)

  • Industry Type

  • Executive Type: (calculated based on job profile and skills)

  • Posted Date

  • Closing Date

  • Experience Required:

  • a) Minimum Years of Experience

    b) Maximum Years of Experience

  • Salary Offered

  • a) Minimum Amount

    b) Maximum Amount

    c) Currency: (currency code e.g INR, USD, etc)

    d) Units: (whether it’s an Hourly, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Salary)

    e) Text: (salary Text as written in JD)

  • Bill Rate

  • a) Minimum Amount

    b) Maximum Amount

    c) Currency

    d) Units

    e) Text

  • Preferred Demographic

  • a) Nationality: (nationality of the candidate; American, British, etc)

    b) Visa: (visa requirements, if any)

    c) Age Limit: (age limit of the candidate)

    d) Others

  • Notice Period

  • No. Of Openings

  • Relocation

  • Languages: (comma separate languages such as English, German, French etc)

  • Contract Duration: (as mentioned in JD)

  • Domains: (multiple values can be returned for job profile)

  • Skills

  • a) Skill:

    b) Type: (soft skills, behavioral skills or operational skills)

    c) Alias: (alias/synonym names of skills)

    d) FormattedName: (formatted names of skills)

    d) Ontology: (Ontology of skills)

  • Type of Source: (original source of JD)

  • JD HTML Data: (HTML data for file processed for JD parsing)

  • Responsibilities: (block is returned as written in JD)

  • Has Contract: (whether the job is contractual; value: True/False)

  • Job Type

  • Job Shift: (morning, evening, night, specific timings; as mentioned in JD))

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone

  • Contact Person Name

  • Interview Type

  • Interview Date

  • Interview Time

  • Interview Location

  • Job Description


a) Preferred

b) Required


a) Preferred

b) Required


RChilli’s new version comes with an improved accuracy for fields. We have enhanced our extraction algorithms and taxonomy data for better parsed results.


The Average processing speed to parse a resume is less than 500ms.

Taxonomy Data

We are returning taxonomy based data for the following parsed fields:

    1. Job Profile

a) Alias

b) Related Skills

c) FormattedName

c) Ontology

    2. Skill

a) Alias

b) Type

c) FormattedName

c) Ontology

We have a detailed library of Skillsets and Taxonomies for better identification of Candidate Skills and Expertise. Our taxonomy has:

  • 25+ top level categories
  • 90,000+ skills


Minimal exit rate of candidates from your website

Candidates leave a website if a job description is not clear or difficult to understand. A well-defined job description will attract more traffic to your website.

Quick closure of jobs

More traffic to your website will result in better options, making it easy for recruiters to close jobs.

Saves time

Using a JD parser will simplify recruitment process which saves both the time and efforts of employees.

Error Code and Error Messages

1001 User key is required
1002 Sub user id is required
1003 Invalid User key
1004 Key expired
1005 User key is required
1006 Resume credits exhausted
1007 Wrong resume URL
1008 Not Text Content
1009 Resume File Extension Not Supported
1010 Resume File does not exist on this URL
1011 Version Required
1012 Invalid Version
1013 This Version does not support your Agreement
1014 Corrupted data/ No Content Found
1015 Unable to parse the content
1016 No Resume Content Found
1017 Wrong Version
1018 File size is too large for processing
1019 Unable to detect language
1020 Unable to open PDF Parser
1021 File conversion error
1041 ABBYY Error: Not enough credits to process document. Please add more pages to your application's account

If you have any comments or feedback on our documentation, please send them to us at: support@rchilli.com